4 bottles of our 330ml Castledore cider, a jar of our Cider Chutney and a slab of Barrie’s favourite Cornish cheese. The perfect taste of Cornwall.

Lynher Dairies are the makers of the modern classic Cornish Yarg. Kern is longer-matured, 16 months to be precise, more dense in texture and much more intense than Yarg. Over time the recipe evolved, and - with the addition of Alpine starter cultures - the result has something of the flavour you might associate with Comté or Gruyère. Kern is coated in a black wax-type coating.


Kern, by the way, is Cornish for 'round'.


Our Castledore and Cider Chutney are old favourites. The Castledore is a wonderfully refreshing, medium dry, lightly carbonated cider. Very clean on the palate, well balanced, low tannin, with a beautiful straw colour. Our Chutney is made from Grandma Gibsons secret recipe. Made with our cider, cider vinegar and apples. Not too spicy so the apple and onion can come through. Perfectly paired with Lynher's Kern.


Please note, the cheese is pasteurised, and not vegetarian.

Barrie's Cornish Selection