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Apple Swapping for our Cider


Do you love our tipples and have some spare apples? Then we'd love to do an exchange with you!

You can collect onion bags from us to use for the apples, from our cidery at Restormel Industrial Estate in Lostwithiel.

When collecting the apples, it's really important that you don't pick or even twist the apples off your trees. If you shake the branch, the ones which fall are ready to press! If they haven't fallen yet it means they aren't ripe. Once you have your onion bags filled, please bring them to us for weighing. For every 15kg of apples (roughly one onion bag) we will exchange them for a 330ml bottle of Castledore Cider.

If you're not a cider enthusiast we can exchange the apples for bottles of gin, vodka, or anything else we make depending on the number of bags/weight of apples.

For more information, please contact: or call 07707 049907.

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