Master cidermaker Barrie Gibson

In line with Government guidelines, our tours and courses will resume after 17th May 2021.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when we make our wonderful Fowey Valley products? 

Here's your chance to find out! Join us at the Lostwithiel Cidery on the last Friday of the month, where you'll be part of a guided tour led by our very own master cider maker Barrie Gibson and assistant cider maker Jo Aitchison. You'll get to learn how cider is made, and all of the different processes which enable us to make our other products. The tour will finish up with tastings or our products, a Q&A, and the opportunity to purchase or order anything from Fowey Valley at a discounted price.



Disgorging the champagne style cider

If you require a tour of course for more than 6 people, please get in touch! We'd be happy to accomodate you. In the past we've led tours for stag parties, families on holiday, and keen cider makers!

Fowey Valley cider's home orchard at Hybadore, all Cornish heritage varieties

Tour and Course Booking

  • Ever fancied making your own cider?


    3 hr

    80 British pounds
  • A behind the scenes tour of where we make our wonderful products!


    30 min


If you require a course for more than 6 people, please get in touch! We'd be happy to accommodate you. 

Attendance by booking only. 



Cider Making


Ever wanted to make your own cider at home without any expensive equipment? 

This three hour course will show you how to make a few gallons of cider from any unwanted apples. 

For just a few pounds outlay you can buy all the tools you need to make gluggable cider in your kitchen. 

On the course we’ll cover how there is a wide range of ciders available in the shops and what makes each one so different. And which one do you like the best? (yes a proper tasting) and how are they made. 

How do you press apples on a budget? We’ll be showing how you can do this in your kitchen with a second hand whole fruit juicer. And then the magic- how to turn that juice into cider. That’s the easy bit- what you need to learn after that is a bit of the science of starches, sugars, acids, yeasts and tannins. How to measure them and how to control them to make great cider every time! 

Then we’ll go ahead and actually make a flagon of cider each to take home and ferment. 

The final part will be what to do with your cider when it has finished fermenting- Yes drinking it as it is, is an option. But you could tailor it to your preferred taste- flat or fizzy, clear or cloudy, sweet or dry, strong scrumpy or fine cider.