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Apple Balsamic Vinegar

Apple Balsamic Vinegar


We’ve been asked for years by people buying our lovely Extra Virgin Olive Oil if we have Balsamic Vinegar. They probably have memories of it in Italy where they dip freshly baked crusty bread into a bowl of oil and vinegar while waiting for the first course.


In our modern Cornish take on a culinary classic – Fowey Valley Apple Balsamic Vinegar uses the must from reduced apples not grapes. It has a deep caramel colour and the aroma of apples and caramel with a sweet and sour flavour, a bit of umami and with a light cidery hit at the end. It is a great ingredient in sauces and marinades.


The Italians use a few drops on hard cheese or strawberries. Combined with our Sicilian olive oil makes a great dressing or bread dip.


Presented in a 250ml bottle.


Expected Delivery: Delivered within 1-2 working days.

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