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Castledore Cider And Branded Glass

Castledore Cider And Branded Glass


This is the perfect treat for any fan of cider, with four of our award-winning Castledore Ciders to enjoy and a limited-edition branded Fowey Valley glass to sip on them. 


Our Cornish Castledore Cider included in this selection is handcrafted at our Lostwithiel cidery in Cornwall, using fresh apples from our own Cornish orchard and others close by, and absolutely nothing else. It’s a wonderfully refreshing, medium dry, lightly carbonated cider and is ​​exceptionally clean on the palate. Plus, it tastes even better when sipped from our exclusive cider glass!


This selection includes:

Four of our award-winning 330ml Castledore Ciders and a 379ml Fowey Valley branded glass.


Expected Delivery: Delivered within 1-2 working days.

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