Our Sparkling Vintage Cider is made with a high proportion of dessert apples in the mix to give it that delicious ‘méthode traditionelle’ taste.


The apples are pressed, then fermented twice: first in the barrel for a year; then a second year’s fermentation in the bottle. The cider is then disgorged in the champagne style and aged further before release.  It is the secondary fermentation that gives our cider its wonderful bubbly effervescence; a method invented in the West Country for fine cider making around 1600, well before it was used in France for Champagne.


Our Sparkling Vintage Cider won silver at the 2015 British Cider championships and a 2016 Gold Taste of the West award.


750ml champagne bottles, corked, wired and foiled. 7.5% ABV.

Sparkling Vintage Cider 750ml