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Limited Batch Old Cornish Cider - Barrel Number Two 500ml

Limited Batch Old Cornish Cider - Barrel Number Two 500ml

Introducing the ​fourth of ​our ​exclusive limited ​batch ​Old Cornish Ciders!

Get ready to savour the exceptional taste of our brand-new, limited-edition Old Cornish Ciders. This sensational sip is number two of our very small-batch ​O​ld Cornish ciders.

We have collaborated with James Evans and Mary Martin to create these one-off ciders, and they have spent the last fifty years researching Cornish apples and retrieving many rare apples from extinction. They are tracking down these gems of the countryside by scouring hedge rows, seeking out old cottage orchards and farms, and talking to anyone who knows about their local apples. Last autumn we had the pick of their orchards and we ended up with​ five different barrels of juice in various combinations of apples. The beautiful painting on the front of this bottle is by Mary.


The fourth bottle of our Old Cornish range to be available is number 2, a blend of Whitepots, Sops in Wine, Coverack SW, Mieldor, Daniels #1 and Pigs Snout apples. It’s a medium dry cider.


Presented in a 500ml bottle with an ABV of 6.5%.


Expected Delivery: Delivered within 1-2 working days. 

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