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Fowey Valley, our favourites.

It's that time again! The second instalment of our Fowey Valley team's favourites. Our lovely Fowey Valley Team has grown over the last year, you may have met our fabulous Jolene at a weekend market, or heard from the wonderful Anne in accounts. One of the main things we all talk about is which Fowey Valley drink is our favourite..

This week we asked our IT guy, Chris. His favourite Fowey Valley product? Castledore Cider and Foy Gin (preferably together!)

How do you drink it? "Pour two thirds of a pint of Castledore into a tall glass, with a depth-charge of one or two shots of Foy gin." This particularly alcoholic mix was first created by Matt, Chris's brother, hence the name 'Meaton's Ruin'.

We'll be toasting a 'Meaton's Ruin' (or two!) to celebrate Matt and Hyekyoung's wedding day today. Congratulations to you both!

Unfortunately you can't find us on the East Coast of Australia yet, so we'll be sure to save you a glass for when you next visit.

Keep an eye out for more of our favourites in the next few weeks!

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