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Our latest creation has been featured in Drift Magazine and Cornwall Life

We're thrilled to announce that our brand-new Cornish Old Ciders have been featured in Drift Magazine and Cornwall Life.

To produce this very special series of ciders, we have collaborated with James Evans and Mary Martin. The wonderful duo have spent the last fifty years researching Cornish apples and retrieving many rare apples from extinction. They are tracking down these gems of the countryside by scouring hedge rows, seeking out old cottage orchards and farms, and talking to anyone who knows about their local apples.

Crafted with nature in true Fowey Valley style, we cherry-picked the finest of these Cornish apples from these mother orchards and ended up with five barrels of delectable juice in various combinations of apples, which we knew would work wonderfully together. Following the various stages of fermenting and racking, the juice has been bottled and labelled using Mary’s beautiful bucolic paintings of Cornish orchards.

These five small-batch ciders are available in very limited quantities and can only be purchased in our cidery in Lostwithiel and online.

Read the full features below and discover what makes these ciders so unique!

Drift Magazine

Cornwall Life

Shop our Old Cornish Ciders here.


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