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The Fowey Valley team have been hard at work coming up with some of the best food and cooking ingredients. We’ve created different cider vinegars and chutneys, and we have sourced a superb olive oil, grown by family and friends in Sicily, to deliver a truly stunning experience when you next step into the chef role.


When you use the ingredients from the Fowey Valley shop, you’ll bring your cooking to the next level and create meals perfect for entertaining or enjoying with a relaxing glass of sparkling vintage cider on your own.


Whatever you use the food and ingredients for, we promise that you’ll be able to taste the handcrafted perfection that goes into every product. Our Cornish cidery and distillery produces some of the most exquisite food items in Cornwall and the wider region, so check them out below.

Get in Touch

Contact the team at Fowey Valley to find out more about the food options available. We’re always looking for new ways to impress our clients with the delicious products on offer, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a wide array of the perfect cider accompaniments.

Email or to find out more.

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